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The Luxury Shop of MillionDollarVillas is an exclusive network of Luxury Shops catering to affluent people.
The opportunity to sell here is only privileged to businesses in our Luxury Directory. For those businesses already in the Luxury Directory selling luxury goods is included in the Luxury Directory Fee.

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You don’t have to pay additional monthly fees, nor a fee for every item you wish to sell like other sites do. You only pay a flat fee that includes the credit card charges we pay, the transfer fee when we pay you out and our commission so we can pay our bills too.
If you have questions, please let us know HERE.

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You find us on Facebook and every luxury item you set up for sale will be shown on our fast growing Facebook site. Also we are on Twitter,  Pinterest and Instagram where we promote the Luxury Store and your business on going, day in, day out.

Also we are easily reached by email and the contact page.

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So, when you are in the Luxury Business Directory, it is very affordable to sell luxury goods in the Luxury Shop.

We process payments with Direct Checkout, our secure SSL-encrypted payments system, and have security specialists and fraud detection systems in place to protect you and your buyers 24 hrs. a day and 7 days a week.

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What can you sell in MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop?

The Luxury Shop of MillionDollarVillas is a high-end luxury marketplace where the rich around the world buy unique luxury goods for in and around the house.

You can sell luxury handmade furniture, vintage furniture, antique objects, art, accessories, lighting, handmade kitchens, swimming pools, tree huts, pool houses, antique doors, outdoor lights, fancy BBQ’s, luxury tiki huts and much more, as long as it is home and garden related.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I have to pay for selling in The Luxury Shop?
    You have to be a member in the Luxury Directory and then you only pay a flat fee of 10%. That includes the 4,5%+ credit card fees and the transfer fees of moneys going  to your bank.
  2. How can I start selling in the Luxury Shop?
    Members can register, fill out their profile, fill out all the information the shop needs and add products.
  3. Do I need a Credit Card in order start selling on The Luxury Shop?
    We can’t imagine you have no credit card but in case you have none, all you need is to have a Paypal account so we can pay you out.



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