Fee Avoidance

Fee avoidance, which is of course prohibited by MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop’s Fees & Payments Policy, includes any action taken to avoid paying a listing fee or transaction fee.

Here’s some examples of fee avoidance

  • Posting a shop announcement that encourages buyers to purchase the same items listed on MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop from another online selling venue.
  • Using an empty shop or profile to direct shoppers to another online selling venue.
  • Editing a listing’s information to change it to an entirely different item.
  • Contacting another member via Chat or other means and directing them to buy or sell an item listed on MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop outside of MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop’s marketplace.
  • Completing a transaction off-MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop once it has been initiated on the site.


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