Flag a Review or Review Response for Policy Violation

If you’ve received a review that you think violates MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop’s policies or Terms & Conditions, you can flag it for review by MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop Admin. Note that the ability to flag a review expires 60 days after the review was left or last edited.

You can flag a review, or a review response for removal for the following reasons:

  • It violates my privacy.
  • It is obscene, racist, or harassing.
  • It contains advertising or spam.
  • The review is about MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop or a third party.

To flag a review, go to Your shop >  Reviews. Once there:

1) Find the review and click Report this review.

2) Select the appropriate violation and provide any additional information.

3) Then click Submit Report to flag your submission for review by MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop Admin.

To flag a review response, go to You > Purchases and reviews.

1) Find the review and click Read the shop’s response.

2) Click Report Response and add any relevant information.

3) Click Submit Report.

If a review or review response is in violation of MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop’s rules, we may remove it.

MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop does not investigate the validity of opinions or statements made in reviews. MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop also does not mediate review disputes.


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