EU Directive on Consumer Rights

As of June 13, 2014, new rules were applied in the European Union (EU) that may affect certain MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop transactions. These new regulations, which will execute the EU Directive on Consumer Rights, apply to all MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop dealers who offer to buyers  in the EU (regardless of the fact that a MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop merchant is based outside of the EU) and buyers situated in EU part nations. Every EU Member state has implemented its own national laws fusing the directive. Failure to comply with these new rules can invalidate a sale and conceivably even violate the law in a particular country.

Buyers located in countries that are subject to these rules have the privilege to return the items within 14 days of receiving the goods. Vendors effected by the regulations should unmistakably advise purchasers living in these nations about their entitlement to return an item before the buyer purchases something, (for example, in the posting or the dealer’s shop policies). Inability to do as such will amplify the withdrawal period by an extra year, implying that purchasers will have a time of one year and 14 fourteen days in which to return the goods.

This right does not extend to hand crafted items and certain perishable merchandise, unless generally determined by the seller. Digital content, including fine art and patterns, may not be qualified for return. Rules administering digital content differ by EU part nation.

In the event that a buyer uses their right to return the goods, a seller must repay all installments, including the first shipping charges, received from the buyer. On the off chance that a vendor has not received returned items from a purchaser, the seller may withhold such repayment given the fact that repayment happens within 14 days of receipt of the returned merchandise. The buyer is responsible of paying return shipping costs unless the seller has agreed to pay for those expenses. In the event that a seller has not agreed to pay the return costs and the goods can’t, because of its nature, be returned by post, an estimate of the return expenses ought to be incorporated into the information provided to the buyer regarding the cancellation and return.

Merchants should also give buyers a model withdrawal form (which is in fact a cancellation form) that they can – yet are not obliged to- use in the event that they wish to return the goods.

MillionDollarVillas Luxury Shop has some links to a model withdrawal form.

German Withdrawal Form
English Withdrawal Form
French Withdrawal Form


Disclaimer: This Help article contains legal information and not legal advice. If you are uncertain which laws apply to you or you have other legal questions or concerns, please consult an attorney. The reader assumes all responsibility for any and all use of this information. This page may be updated periodically.



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